7 Stylish Wood Dog Crate End Tables – Cozy “Doggie-Den” Furniture That Pulls a Room Together

Wood dog crate end tables are a classy looking fit for a home. These space-savers make nice furniture pieces & give dogs a comfortable den to feel safe in.


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Why Bring a Wood Dog Crate Into Your Home?

As dog-lovers, it’s only natural that you want to spoil your pet with lots of love, and the best home you can give them. That being said; why are wood dog crates good alternative to traditional kennels? Firstly, they give them a more comfortable environment to relax and feel safe in.

Dogs want to feel secure, they have an inherent need to have a place to hide away in (and they love to lounge around too). When they feel they are in a safe place, they are more able to be calm and happy. A wood dog crate provides a “den-like” space for them to come and go at their leisure. Giving them both a feeling of safety, and an extra place to lay around aside from the couch.

It’s a place they can quickly grow accustomed to in a week, or maybe a few week’s time. But let’s not forget, it’s also a fashion statement, it’s a way you can match your floor or the other furniture in the room. Deciding on what style of crate to go with, and what’s best for your dog, depends on  your own specific “dog situation” you will use it for. As well as if you are leaning more towards looks, or if the function of a traditional crate is more important to you.

If your dog is very strong, anxious, or an avid “escape artist”, you would do better with something more heavy-duty with a good lock. If you’re crate training a puppy, or just want something portable, you can get a collapsible soft crate or foldable wire-kennel. Here are a few overall reasons why people who decide on a wooden dog crate, prefer it over the other styles and setups.



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Main Advantages of Wooden Dog Crate Furniture:

For Your Sake:

  • They accent your home with a new furniture piece that can really pull the room together.
  • They pick up more extra space in your home; your crate can dub as a coffee table or end table in the living room; or a nightstand next to your bed.

For Your Dog’s Sake:

  • They provide a warm & cozy enclosure that taps into their inherent need to feel secure. It’s a much more inviting place to lounge in, as opposed to a wire-crate. They act as a go-to for them to have a “safe-space”.
  • Wood crates are typically more comfortable;a wire dog-kennel is still a good place for your pup, but not quite as comforting as a wood enclosure.

If any of these things resonate with you, then you may want to explore the world of wooden enclosures. We’ve explored what’s out there for you, and came up with some models that are good viable options, all for their own reasons.

These 7 wooden dog crate end tables and hybrid models were “hand-plucked” from the bunch for their own unique looks, outstanding features, and uses. But first before we get into that, there are a few important things to understand about this style of dog crate that are crucial to your dog’s comfort, safety, and the preservation of your house.


2 Important Things to Understand Before Choosing a Wood Furniture Dog Crate:

  1. Most end table crates are not built for tall dogs – Because they are designed to be used as furniture to place things on; it would not make much sense for the “doggie den” to be 4 foot tall. Most models stick around the 2 foot height-range, with a few exceptions. We will show you how some models break this standard a bit.
  2. Not for chewers, “escape-artists”, or high energy dogs – A dog with severe separation anxiety will typically be prone to try to escape their kennel. Their strength and cleverness shouldn’t go underestimated. A wooden enclosure is subject to be chewed through or broken down by dogs who hate feeling trapped or alone. Wooden dog crates (or most any other) are not within the scope of solving this problem, and a force free trainer would be recommended to solve this issue and help them build more confidence.

These wooden enclosures however, are a great solution for any dog that can calmly fit in their crate with no troubles. They work wonderfully leaving them open for your dog to wander into and relax as they please. With that being said, let’s get into the wooden dog crates worth putting in your home.


7 Impressive Wood Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture (with extra functions)


1. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table: Best Value for Your Money

This is a wonderfully put together model. The overall look is basic, sleek, and simple. However, Crown Pet went a little above and beyond in a few key areas to set itself apart from some of the competition.

The crown Pet has a swinging door system that is unique to a lot of other wooden crates on the market. The way the door rolls open and shut both ways is very stylish looking; to match the rest of the crate.

The floor your dog sits on has an extra coating designed to resist residual pet odor and prevent liquids from absorbing into it. Along with a number of other little features that give it the appeal it has. This model’s only real downside is that it has kind of a low height clearance, and is not made for medium or large dogs. Which is typical for most wood crates.


  • (+) Durable wood construction – Made with a durable tight-grain hardwood called rubberwood. It is comparable to teak and fairly dense. The top of this dog crate end table was built to hold lamps & other decorations (like a coffee table).
  • (+) Smooth finish – Has a smooth stained & lacquered finish that gives it a classic furniture look & protects the wood. The stain color options you can choose from are espresso or mahogany.
  • (+) Good viewing space – The wooden crate has 360 degree open bar-spacing on all 4 walls. It provides adequate ventilation, while giving them a good amount of open space to see through.
  • (+) Double-swing door – The door swings open & shut smoothly in a rolling motion; both inward or an outward direction to be able to still open it if something was blocking it. It’s pretty unique to a lot of the other wooden dog crates on the market. It also lets your dog let themself in and out if you leave it unlocked.
  • (+) Resists odors & liquid – The MDF floor-panel has a waterproof melamine finish on it, which protects the base from liquid damaging it. It also helps resist odor and is easy to clean.
  • (+) Convenient door-latch – The swinging door latch fastens & unfastens easily. Just lift the latch and swing it off (or on) the latch securement.
  • (+) Easy setup – All the required hardware and a set of instructions are included. Makes for a fairly quick setup with a few basic hand tools.
  • (+) Protects floors – There are 4 floor pads that attach to the underside of the crate to help protect your floor from scratching.


  • (-) Smaller dogs only – The heights of both the medium and large sizes are just over 24 inches. It’s a nice crate that looks good as far as the furniture aspect is concerned; which is why we would have liked to see it come in a few more sizes.

The Bottom Line:

We like the smooth look and function of this end table style dog crate. The smooth shiny surface of the top is really appealing. It’s double swing rolling door is very impressive with the way it glides open and shut. The door design is kind of innovative and unique, and might even impress your family or some guests. It’s definately convenient for your dog.

If you are in the hunt for dog crate furniture, and you have a small enough dog for it, this one is a solid option for them to warm up to and get comfy in. If you want to go for this style, but have bit of a taller dog, they may fit better into the Casual Home crate.


2. Richell Expandable Wooden Pet Crate: Where Function Meets Uniqueness

This is like a cool hybrid between a wire-kennel, and a wooden dog crate. It’s not only unique, it has some highly custom features and crate dimensions. The Richell expandable dog crate has 11 adjustable sizes to expand the width of your dog’s enclosure as they grow into it.

A small breed dog or puppy can have plenty of walking space without you ever having to buy another indoor crate for them. This crate is recommended for dogs up to the 25 pound range because of it’s height. However there’s an enormous amount of space for them to walk around in (or play & relax).

The door locking system was engineered intelligently. It’s a slide and lock component that snaps into place once you pull the handle back and release it. Once they snap in place, the handle cover (placed on the outside of the crate) guards your dog from “picking the lock” and escaping through the door.

There’s also a second side door panel that slides out & folds inward, giving them another way to enter or exit the crate. The top of this crate is wide open, which makes placing the dog in the crate super easy. This could be a problem for escape artists or high jumpers though; which is why they offer a hood attachment that snap locks right to the top of it. This is a very interesting crate, and it has many useful features.


  • (+) 11 Expandable sizes – The crate starts off just under 3 feet wide. With 11 different adjustable sizes, it expands to about 5 feet to give dog(s) plenty of room to grow into it.
  • (+) Solid materials– The frame is comprised of solid wood. The 4 walls within the frame are coated steel-wire. The wire spacing is small-spaced (under 1.5 inches) to keep a dog from getting stuck between them.
  • (+) Custom extras – The Richell expandable crate offers some additional aftermarket components to expand the use of it and customize your experience. It lets you have more custom options for additional use of the kennel. These items are sold as extra additions. Here’s what they are:
  1. Hood cover – Wire-frame hood fits over the top to keep them fully enclosed.
  2. Training tray – Plastic potty-training tray that holds training pads for them to use.
  3. Divider panel – For separated enclosure space to contain 1 or 2 dogs; easily locks in place.
  • (+) Removable floor panel – The floor panel also expands to fit the crate. It’s water-resistant & helps cut down on odor to keep your room fresh, and your floor nice.
  • (+) Lock & slide side door – There are 2 doors; the main door, and a side panel door that slides out and folds in conveniently to let your pup in or out of the cage.
  • (+) Pull & snap locks – They came up with a unique locking mechanism. Instead of an exposed lock; it has a covered handle you pull & release to snap into place. Covering the lock safely & keeping your dog from getting out.


  • (-) Low clearance – The height of the kennel is only fit for smaller size dogs around 25 lbs. Which is kind of a shame they don’t offer one for medium or large dogs to utilize all the floor space it has.
  • (-) Extras not included – For what they price it at; they offer a pretty good deal for the crate itself. It definitely would have been better & easier if the hood, divider, and training tray came included in the package though. Or offer a base model option and complete package option, rather than buying parts one by one.

The Bottom Line:

The Richell expandable crate is very unique, both in looks and use. The locking system is very easy for you to use, and also very clever for your dog to not escape. We were impressed by it over and over with all of it’s inner workings, and extra components such as the floor panel, the locks, and aftermarket options you can customize it with.

We were especially “wowed” by the fact that it’s expandable, and can pick up a ton of extra space for your dog. For a smaller breed dog that doesn’t grow very tall, this is the only indoor crate you will ever need for them. Good for training a puppy and keeping an adult dog happy with enough space to stay active in.

Because of it’s low clearance height and it’s open roof, we would not recommend the Richell expandable for climbers without adding the hood panel to it. As stated, this crate would not work for a tall dog. The Casual Home we will go over later offers more head room for them. This next one has some extra height as well.


3. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Wood Pet Crate & Gate: Visual Appeal & Converts Into a Gate

This one is pretty awesome! The Merry Pet 2-in-1 unfolds and converts into a gate for more run around space. It’s visually appealing and elegant for any living room in it’s crate form or gate form.

It’s really more of a 3-in-1 kennel because it also has the properties of a nice looking wire-frame kennel. The crate is mostly open space because the sides are enclosed with these sleek wire bars that are safely screwed to the wood frame. It also has a removable tray like a wire crate does to make cleaning it even easier.

They offer it in only one color; which is a brownish stained look with a little bit of a red tint to it (very nice looking contrast with the black wire bars). There are two sizes (medium and large). Which, unlike much of their competition, the two sizes offer different heights for some more head-space.


  • (+) Convertible (crate & gate) – The crate converts quickly into a gate to expand your dog’s containment area to an entire room.
  • (+) Hybrid wood & wire-crate – Dubs as a wire-kennel with welded-metal bars. The 2-tone color of the wood & metal give it a very nice look.
  • (+) Slide out bottom tray – Another element borrowed from the wire-kennel to make cleanup a cinch is the removable bottom tray.
  • (+) 2 Heights – The 2 size options it has each have different heights (Medium:5” & Large: 31.5”) to accommodate more dog breeds comfortably.


(-) No hood-latch – The table top section of the crate does not have any securement or locking mechanisms. This could be a bad thing if your fur baby is a jumper. If this is a concern of yours; you will want to stick with a regular wood table crate with an affixed top.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, we love the look of this crate. The Merry Pet 2-in-1 Has a very graceful look that will compliment a living room or bedroom nicely. The color scheme of the wood frame and the barred walls just look great together.

For functionality, the fact that it dubs as a dog gate just gives you so much more value for the money. This one is a great idea as a travel dog crate to a friend’s house or a hotel stay; so you can give your dog their crate time or the option of an entire kitchen or living room.

We strongly recommend this crate for calm dogs in their kennel. We would have liked to see something to latch the table top to the sides of the crate. For the gate purpose, it would still be ok for a rambunctious dog. As a little extra precaution, if your dog gets antsy and tries to jump you want to pick another crate with a secure roof on it, just in case. Other than that, we love this wood pet crate!


4. Richell Wooden Dog Crate End Table: Simple, Elegant, & Spacious

Here’s another Richell model for you if you would rather have a traditional wooden dog crate over their unique adjustable model. It’s a very simple and elegant design, with a lot of inside space for it’s size, and plenty of viewing space for your dog to look through.

It comes in 3 sizes, so you don’t have to rule out a dog crate end table or furniture piece if your dog is larger than 25 pounds or so. The colors to pick from are regular brown, or dark brown. Not too many color options; but it gives you a little variety to match your room with. Brown stained wood goes with just about any look.


  • (+) Very open – It has 360 degree ventilation on all 4 sides. The door is nothing but open viewing space from top to bottom, & swings open a full 90 degrees.
  • (+) Matches well – The 2 shades of stained brown it comes in will bring together most any room very well. Will match up to almost any look.
  • (+) Removable pan – Richell borrowed from the wire-frame crate design, & gave it a slide-out removable pan to help keep the bottom clean, without having to climb in & scrub it.
  • (+) Offers larger sizes – There are 3 optional sizes to choose from & not limit you if you have a large dog. The largest size can hold an 88 pound dog.


  • (-) Door weakness– The Richell wooden dog crate scores points for fashion, but the door hinging system is kind of fragile. This is not a good crate for anxious dogs or escape artists.

The Bottom Line:

The Richell end table crate model is very practical and blends right into a room very well. It’s easily one of the best wood crates to capture the look of a coffee table or end table. It definitely looks great next to a couch, or next to a bed as a night stand. The open space inside and out are very comforting, and the amount of viewing space between the bars does a good job of making sure your dog doesn’t feel too confined.

The door hinging is kind of weak though, and it would probably be best to get something else if your dog likes to escape or push through the door. A wire-frame crate might suit them better than a wooden one in this instance. However, if that’s not the case and you are looking to pick up some extra space and pull the room together; the Richell end table dog crate makes a nice addition to a living room, and can impress some guests.


5. Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate Table with Cushion: A Comfortable Space for Easy-Going Dogs

The Internet’s Best wood dog crate table is a very comfortable surrounding for smaller breed dogs. There are 3 doors that open the crate up well, and make it easy for your dog to climb in and out of (1 single door & 1 double-door). Along with that, the crate comes with a plush floor cushion that looks kind of like a mini-mattress. Pretty cool!

The crate comes in 1 size (32” L x 23” W x 26” H), so it’s ideal fit is for smaller breed calm dogs that don’t need much head clearance. The color is espresso-black, which decoratively go’s pretty well in any room. This is another wood frame hybrid crate with metal wire walls that balance out the overall look of it. The way the crate was cut looks very appealing; especially the curved front door profile.


  • (+) Dog pillow included – The pillow that comes with it is 2.75” thick and fits perfectly on top of the floor panel for a nice cozy place to lay.
  • (+) 3 Doors – The front entry has a single door opening, while the side has a double door. Both lock with a swinging latch.
  • (+) Very appealing – The wood & metal wire combination go well together to add a little personality to the crate. Decorative front door profile, and very open for ventilation & viewing.


  • (-) For calm dogs only – The overall construction is not very heavy-duty. It was built more for dogs that are already crate trained & very comfortable in their cage. The metal part of it’s construction is the more reliable part of this cage. It is sturdy enough to withstand basic crate usage; but anxious or rambunctious dogs over 15 lbs. may be able to break it down.

The Bottom Line:

We went with the Internet’s best for it’s elegant beautiful looks. We also love the fact that it comes with a pillow. Any crate that pampers your pup a little bit and is safe for them is alright in our book. Because of it being just over 2 feet tall, it’s ideally for smaller breed dogs that are already well trained, and can stay comfortable in their cage.

Due to the construction of it, this is not the best crate for a high energy or anxious dog. The wire bars are nice and sturdy, but the wood frame is just “so-so”. If your dog needs something more durable, you can opt for a solid wood model like the Crown Pet.

Of course, any overly anxious dog is not suited for a wood crate; as they might chew through it. In this case, we recommend sticking with a full wire-frame and some crate training before getting a wooden model. Otherwise, if your dog is pretty easygoing already, and less than 2 feet tall while on all fours; this crate will do you just fine. It makes for a nice looking coffee table piece in your house.


6. Zoovilla Slide-Aside Crate and End Table: Cool Contemporary Look With a “Hidden” Function

The Zoovilla has a pretty unique door system, in that it maneuvers two different ways. The door can either swing open like a normal crate. It also slides on a track to be hidden inside the cage. Kind of a fancy little trick they came up with.

The crate offers a basic black or white painted color on the frame for a cool contemporary look. The metal-rodded bars are somewhat thick, making it pretty durable. Also, the table top and the floor panel parts are pretty solid for your dog, and for whatever items you want to set on top of it.


  • (+) Pocket-like door – The door works like a regular swinging hinge door; but it also slides inside the side of the crate for a cool looking function and convenient entry for your dog.
  • (+) Strong panels – The table top has some good holding strength, and the bottom panel was made solid to hold up well for containment.
  • (+) Metal rod integration – The metal rods that tie into the MDF wood framing compliment the overall look. They are fairly thick & well-spaced for optimal 360 degree visibility & ventilation
  • (+) Contemporary style – The frame design & color-scheme are very basic but beautiful. They added feet on the bottom for more style & elevation. Go’s perfect with a contemporary room decor style.


  • (-) MDF construction – Although the table, floor, and metal rods are pretty strong, the material is still MDF constructed. It can withstand normal stress; but it would be better to be on the conservative side. The table is said to withstand 300 lbs., however it’s best to not push it’s limits. putting a calm, well crate-trained dog in this crate would be best.

The Bottom Line:

Zoovilla did a good job “thinking outside the box” when they designed a pocket style door on the crate. Ideally this is the kind of crate you’ll want if you are going for a contemporary look in your room. It’s look is simple, the function is unique, and it’s kind of expressive as a furniture piece. The Zoovilla has good taste!

It’s best for a smaller size dog breeds and medium dogs that do not require high head clearance over 2 feet. It’s frame is pretty sturdy; but given that it is made of MDF you still do not want to overdo it on weight, regardless of how strong they say it is. As long as your dog is not going to “Hercules” their crate, and you aren’t going to put a ton of weight on it, you should be fine.


7. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate: More Space for Taller Dogs

We had to add this one in because we like the classic end table furniture look it has. Also, It is a strong solid wood frame with a good number of options to be the right fit for your dog and your living room.

First, it has 4 size options available, all to accommodate for different sizes, weights, and heights of most dogs. From the small (handling 10 pound dogs) to the extra-large, (contains a 90 pound dog) being able to handle many sizes with no problem and plenty of head room.

The design is pretty basic, which is good if you are trying to emulate an end table or piece of furniture. But the most unique feature is the cross-hatched angled bar option the Casual Home crate has available. It’s reminiscent of a barn yard fence, and ties right in to a room with a more rustic look.


  • (+) Double-door – The 3 largest sizes of the available 4, offer a double door that swings opento make it easy for your dog to hop in and out of.
  • (+) Solid design – The Casual Home is built with a solid wood-frame construction, & provides a reliable enclosure.
  • (+) Withstands weight – The table top is rated to handle a fair amount of weight (120 lbs. for S, M, and L; 200 lbs. for XL). Plenty strong for using the dog crate as a coffee table or night stand.
  • (+) Excellent ventilation – The wood slats on all 4 walls of the crate have a fair amount of wide open space; giving your dog plenty of ventilation.
  • (+) Color, size, & style – There are a good number of variations you can choose from:

— Color: Offers 4 colors (Black, Espresso, Taupe Gray, & White) so you can match up the crate to pretty much any room in your house.

— Size: Comes in 4 sizes (22.5” H, 24” H, 27” H, & 30” H) because wooden dog crates shouldn’t only be for small dogs. There is also a more rustic looking design option for this crate.

— Style: The wood slats on the rustic option are angle-thatched, and give it the feel of a barn yard fence. Would go great with a room that already has a rustic look.


  • (-) Limited Lighting for the smallest size – Due to the placement and less wood bars; the small (22.5” H) crate does not allow as much light in as the larger 3 sizes. This may or may not be suitable to your dog depending on their level of comfort being in darker spaces. The small crate still has plenty enough ventilation for them to be comfortable.

The Bottom Line:

This crate offers a way to class up a room a bit, the simple furniture look of it makes that easy to do so. It doesn’t offer a lot of “bells and whistles”; but it is pretty well versatile when it comes to the size of your dog, or the particular look you are going for (4 sizes, 4 colors, 2 styles).

Overall, we would pick this crate for any dog that is crate trained, and of course, not a chewer being that it’s made of wood. 10 to 90 pounds includes many breeds unlike some other models, if you have a larger breed dog, you are not excluded from having a nice looking piece of furniture that also encloses your pup.

If you have a very small breed (10 lbs. or less), be mindful that the small crate lets in less light. If your dog wouldn’t be comfortable with this, you might want to go 1 size up to the medium. Otherwise you can get a different model, like the Crown Pet or the Richell wood dog crate for more open bar space.


Recap – Picking Out the Perfect Dog Crate Furniture Piece for Your Room (& your pup)

  1. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table – Best overall value
  2. Richell Expandable Wooden Pet Crate – Unique functions & customizable
  3. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Wood Pet Crate & Gate – Goes from “crate to gate”
  4. Richell Wooden Dog Crate End Table – Beautiful with a “wide open” feel
  5. Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate Table with Cushion – Best for comfort
  6. Zoovilla Slide-Aside Crate and End Table – Contempory look with useful door function
  7. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate – Most head room for larger dogs, built for most breeds

The Crown Pet crate is the “king of value” here for the quality materials it was made with. Along with it’s ability to eliminate odors and preserve your floors. If you like a lot of innovative function with a lot of walking around space, and still integrating some of the wood construction look; then you’ll want to break away from the ordinary with the Richell expandable crate and it’s customizable layout.

The Merry Pet 2-in-1 crate will conveniently convert into a gate to “expand the enclosure space” to an entire room for your dog. The Richell traditional wood dog crate offers some larger sizes to include more breeds, and borrows a function from the traditional wire-crate with a removable floor pan for easy cleaning.

If you want your dog to have the most amount of comfort and a lot of viewing space, the Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Crate will certainly provide that with a soft cushion included and it’s spacious wire bar openings. The Zoovilla Slide-Aside is the best way to accentuate a room with the “contemporary” look; it also has an innovative door that both swings open, and slides inside the crate. This is a good one to leave open for your dog to use at their leisure.

For larger breed dog’s that need more head room, the Casual Home provides 4 different size options for an enclosure that gives more height clearance (tallest size is 30 inches). It also has a handful of colors to choose from, to allow a greater ability to match your room.


Final Thoughts:

Picking a wood dog crate over a traditional kennel has it’s advantages, and a few limitations. Knowing that a wood crate is typically for smaller dogs that don’t need as much height clearance is critical. Also note that they are more fragile and susceptible to being chewed though, or a dog busting open the door. So it’s best use is for a smaller size crate-trained dog with no separation issues.

The key idea here is that a dog crate as a piece of furniture is a fun way to tie in your room with something both useful and practical for your dog to relax inside. They love feeling a sense of security inside your home. So why not give them a place that does that; and allows you to use it as an appealing coffee table or night stand at the same time?

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