Review: Lucky Dog Uptown Outdoor Dog Kennel – a Superior Choice for Style & Space Cash Back

After thorough review of the Lucky Dog Uptown outdoor dog kennel; we’ve found it to be an excellent choice on style, space, and price for outdoorsey dogs.

Giving “ole’ Fido” the gift of enjoying the sights and sounds of nature on a beautiful sunny day is great for their natural well-being. The Lucky Dog Uptown Outdoor Kennel does just that. Offering plenty of extra space in all 3 dimensions.

One major advantage of getting an outdoor kennel is giving your dog the ability to run around and play more than when they are crated indoors. We are going to break down this dog pen for you; what we liked and what we didn’t like about this outdoor crate. and what others think about the kennel.

If you are in the market for a good sturdy and spacious outdoor playpen for your dog, we’ll show you what we’ve found on this specific model and help you decide for yourself if this is the right fit for you and your pup or not.



Why Did We Pick This Crate? – Style & Space

What makes this individual model so appealing is it’s large enclosure space. Not only is it roomy enough for your dog to walk around and feel comfortable in, it has plenty of head room. It’s also fairly lightweight for it’s size.

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The Lucky Dog Uptown has a unique rooftop-style frame that provides for optimal overhead space. They can feel plenty comfortable in this one.

It’s ideal for medium to large-sized dogs with “higher stature” and for dogs who like to spend lots of time standing  up and walking around while crated. Here are the 3 different dimension options you can choose, and their weight.


  • 6’H x 4’W x 8’L         Weight 103 lbs
  • 6’H x 4’W x 4’L         Weight 95 lbs
  • 4’4”H x 4’W x 4’L      Weight 49.8 lbs

This dog pen scores points for looks as well. The sleek stainless steel frame with weather-resistant coating looks much more pleasing to the eye in your back yard, compared to a chain-link style outdoor kennel.

The kennel is comprised of segmented panels, which allows for an easy setup and breakdown of the cage, and also makes it fairly customizable.


What Else to Know About This Cage

Here are some other noteworthy highlights about this kennel worth mentioning. We will be covering these features in more detail shortly.

  1. Raised bottom – makes it easier to keep clean, dry, and sanitary
  2. Simple assembly – set panels up & lock them (no tools needed)
  3. Weather-guard canopy – helps keep out the elements and the sun
  4. Built for safety – smoothly welded and coated to avoid sharp edges
  5. Product warranty – 1-year manufacturer warranty for defects


20 Plus Years of Quality and Safety

The Lucky Dog brand has been in the business of making dog kennels for over 2o years. Over that time they have had many satisfied customers with their quality built products. They pride themselves on using environmentally safe processes when building their products. Their primary focus is on making dogs happy and safe.


Deeper Dive:

1. No Bottom…? No Problem

One way this kennel is better than the usual chain-link style, is its ability to be cleaned out more easily. With chain-link dog pens, the frame typically runs all the way to the ground. This pen has a “clean-out space”.

The Uptown has a raised open space at the bottom of the frame, which allows water and debris to free-flow through it. This helps keep water from building up and also allows it to be pushed right under the bottom with a push-broom.

The bottom bar of the frame sits about 1.5 inches above the ground, which could have been made a little bit higher, but is still enough to let you clean out water, debris, and doggie “mess” much easier than having to hunch over and do it.


2. Fast Setup & Customizable – Lift, Lock, Go!

The assembly of this pen is pretty simple. It can be done in about an hour or less with no need for tools. The package comes in pre-assembled panels with durable locking clamps to hold the sections in place.

Once the panels are laid out on the ground how you want them, just clamp them together and that’s about as easy as it gets. The idea is fast setup and easy breakdown if you want to move the pen to another spot in the yard or inside your garage.

The fact that the kennel comes in sections, also gives you the ability to choose which side you want the door to be on. The canopy cover does fit better though when you put the door panel along the “width”, (front) side of the pen. When the door panel is along the “length” side, you will have to secure the canopy a little differently along that side to keep it from covering the door.

You can have a look at the assembly instructions here and get an idea of how simple this crate fits together. Also, here is a quick demo video of the setup.

*NOTE: The demo video states it is important not to over-tighten the clamps to the frame.


3. Roomy for “Pups with Ups” & Wards Off the Elements

Probably the most unique feature of the Uptown compared to many outdoor kennels is the extra vertical space that it has and a weather-guard canopy cover top to protect your dog from the elements.

The top of the cage has a rooftop-style frame which gives dogs more room to stand up and the extra feeling of comfort while they are crated. This is an apparent benefit for “lanky” breeds of dogs, and dogs that spend a lot of time standing and walking.

The canopy cover does it’s job of keeping a lot of the rain away and protecting your dog from excessive Sun exposure. Making it a more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience while they enjoy the outdoors.


4. Safety – a Company Standard

The company that designed the Uptown knows safety as very important when it comes to designing their products; which is why they designed the frame to keep dog dogs from harming themselves.

The panels are made from 10 gauge steel with smooth, safe welds to keep dogs from cutting themselves. The entire frame is coated with a safe rust and corrosion-resistant surface, which is pretty much the standard for heavy duty crates. It’s definitely even more important to avoid sharp rust or corrosion with outdoor pens. The Uptown makes sure to meet that standard.


5. Is There a Warranty? – Yes

When any product is produced in numbers for the public, there’s bound to be a few duds in the mix. It happens… Fortunately, many companies still warranty their products; this one does.

Sometimes things get packaged wrong or parts are missing. Sometimes things come out of the box broken, or they have a faulty weld. Which is why this kennel is backed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to cover factory defects in workmanship.

Most have been more than pleased with this kennel and not had any of these issues. This product has a good track record and the warranty as assurance to back it.


What’s Included?

The crate comes in sections with locking clamps so it makes the assembly process easy and fast. Here is a list what all you get in the package.


  • Weather-guard water-proof tarp canopy cover
  • Pre-assembled wire frame panels and door panel
  • Dog-safe gate latch
  • Assembly clamps with easy to use hardware
  • Assembly instruction manual


What’s Not Included?

  • A lock for the door latch

One thing that would have been nice to make this kennel complete would be if it came with a lock. The latch is fairly easy for a “Houdini” dog to figure out how to open.  We highly recommend purchasing a wire-padlock that will go around the door panel and the frame panel next to it for added security.


What Are They Saying?

This is an appealing quality-built product that has produced a good track record of satisfied customers. The majority of people are very pleased with the Uptown.

Here’s some positive highlights about this kennel based on experience. To be fair, we’ve also included what a few criticisms and concerns people had about it as well. We find that all products have a little mixture of both. Its the ones like this that have the vast majority of happy people loving the product that we find to be worth mentioning. Here they are…

What Was Loved?

  • (+) Wire spacing – Spacing of the bars because it makes it difficult for dogs to get their mouths around the wires compared to a chain-link style frame.
  • (+) Works well for calm-mannered dogs – Height of the frame works perfectly for average to large-sized dogs that are fine with containment; with the added raised space of the rooftop cover.
  • (+) Holds up in the weather – Canopy cover does its job well of keeping out the rain and the Sun.
  • (+) Space and cleanliness – Easier to clean than dog-run pens, their dogs respect the large enclosure space.

What Could Be Improved?

  • (-) Door latch not “Houdini” proof – The door latch has no lock, and is susceptible to dogs breaking out (Getting a wire-padlock is highly recommended).
  • (-) XL dogs can break out – “Mammoth” sized breeds, and dogs with “iron-jaws” have broken through the kennel in a few cases (Kennel is ideal for medium-sized dogs or large dogs that are calm, and don’t have separation anxiety. Do not leave dog in crate unattended if they do).
  • (-) Top dimensions are “with” the rooftop – The measured height of the kennel that is displayed are the measured height at the top of the roof of the cage; not the top of the base frame. This is not apparent until doing more thorough research into the product.


Final Breakdown

Who’s It For?

The Uptown dog crate is an ideal fit for medium-sized dogs that love being outdoors and lots of extra space. It’s heavy-duty enough to hold medium dogs perfectly. Large dogs are fine, as long as they are not career “high jumpers”, or have been known to chew through other heavy-duty steel dog crates.

The space is optimal for real big dogs as long as they are calm and comfortable in a cage. It is also recommended to buy a wire-padlock to ensure the crate is locked and secure.

Its surely a more stylish and attractive alternative to chain-link kennels for your back yard. You get durability, space, style, and practical use with this kennel; and it stays in the average price range of many other heavy-duty crates.

Who’s It Not For?

If your dog has separation anxiety or an “iron jaw” you might want to pick out something even tougher that has even thicker steel. An extra heavy-duty crate may suit them better, as long as you don’t mind losing the outdoor kennel aspect.

The Parpet Empire crate has a twice as thick 20 gauge frame as the Lucky Dog Uptown does, and is more suited to contain super-strong “Hercules” dogs. Although its more compact and not as spacious, in order to be practical for the indoors.

If your dog is a high jumper but you still want an outdoor kennel that looks great in your yard, Lucky Dog crates also make their Modular Box model. It is also very spacious and is even more secure. It is a more expensive crate if you are open to investing in a top of the line enclosure. The roof has a flat-enclosed steel frame as opposed to rooftop-style canopy cover that the Uptown has.

It all depends on what your dog needs; If breakouts or “chew-throughs” are not a concern for you, then the Uptown is a very sensible, smart buy. If you have a jumper, lock picker, or steel-chewer, you may have to pay a little more for top of the line protection and the extra piece of mind.

Which ever way you go with, we wish your dog a happy and safe crate experience; just like the Lucky Dog brand does too. Cash Back

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