Review of the Luckup Heavy-Duty Dog Crate – Big Space & Big Value Cash Back

The Luckup dog crate has a nice spacious layout, and handful of fancy features that make it stand apart from some of its more basic-use competitors.

You know your dog better than anybody else does. And if you’ve had your dog crated in the past, you know how they take to their crate-time. So how do you pick the right dog kennel when you’re in the hunt for the “perfect” one?

Crates range in different sizes and materials. They vary in price-range, have different style setups, features, and visually appealing aspects that make them stand out. But what makes an ideal crate comes down to what is the best option for YOUR dog, specifically…

Knowing what features are a “must” for you, and for your dog will help you find the right fit for your home. First and foremost, you want the pen to contain your dog safely and successfully of course. You don’t want to be coming home to a wrecked house, or to find cuts on your dog because the cage wasn’t stronger than their jaws were.

Beyond that, what options are most important for you both? Have a look at some of the main things you should ask yourself when deciding on a new dwelling for your dog.

  1. Does your dog feel calm during crate-time?
  2. Do they try to break out by chewing, or picking the door lock?
  3. About how much space will they need right now, and in the future?
  4. Will the bar-spacing be too big, or too small for them to be contained safely and comfortably?
  5. What functionality features are important for MY dog, and for me?
  6. How nice will the crate look in my house? 

As you can see, the size and strength of the kennel are the most important factors. The Luckup dog crate is in the heavy-duty class of crates; and has a well-balanced mix of looks, functionality, and durability. And it is very well-priced compared to some of the top-end steel frame cages out there.

We’ve been looking into dog crates pretty extensively lately, and comparing them to one another. This one came in as one of our favorites. In this article we are going to show you how and why.

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We will show you what we liked and what we didn’t like; and why this model has a good all-around balance of options and extra-features that make it very useful for your home.



What’s the Big Deal? – It’s Big and Versatile

This kennel is big enough for most dogs to move about and turn around in without feeling too crammed. Comfort and calm is something you want your dog to feel when being crated. That extra space helps bigger dogs feel calm, secure, and safe inside their enclosure.

The thick steel frame is topped with a non-toxic rust and corrosion-resistant coating to make it look appealing; and stay that way for a long time without weathering. The bars of the frame are designed thick to make it really difficult for dogs to get their mouths in between the bar spaces.

The Luckup comes in 3 different sizes (38, 42, and 46 inch length) to accommodate for breeds of many sizes and strengths. It has more than just the basic-use features; yet it still manages to be fairly, to considerably lower-priced than a number of other heavy-duty crates on the market. This is a good value buy for durability and versatility.

Among these unique extra features that make it worth writing about; probably our favorite one is the food and water hatch option that comes on the 42 and 46 inch models. The hatch is partitioned inside the main front door entry; so as to let you open up the food-hatch independently of the main door, and still be able to keep the cage shut and locked.

When you open the door of a normal crate, your pup usually assumes you’re letting them out. With the inner-door hatch, you won’t have to wrangle your dog back inside every time you go to change out their bowl or give them a treat. This is just good planning on their part when they designed this crate.

As for the overall look of it, they managed to make this one look seriously strong, and still beautiful enough to stay in your living room. Here is a rundown of the product specs.

Product Specs.

  • Color Options: Black, Silver
  • Shipped Weight: 56 – 73 lbs (depending on crate size selected)


  • Luckup 38 Inch – (Overall) 37.5″L X 25.5″W X 32″H – Inner height; not including wheels is: 27″H
  • Luckup 42 Inch – (Overall) 41.5″L X 30.5″W X 37″H – Inner height; not including wheels is: 32″H
  • Luckup 46 Inch – (Overall) 46″L X 32″W X 39″H – Inner height; not including wheels is: 32″H


Some of the Luckup’s Most Useful Features

Here is a brief summary of some of this crate’s primary features we wanted to point out. We will expand deeper into them next.

  1. Large secure space – spacious enclosure for the dog’s comfort
  2. Food-hatch partition – for easier food and water change
  3. Latch and lock system – drop-in latching locks with backup stop rings
  4. Quick assembly – crate can be set up or broke down in minutes
  5. Easily mobility – caster-wheels make it much easier to relocate
  6. Top door – the top completely opens and latches back shut
  7. Dual cleanout trays – this can make cleaning up easier


Pets and Household is Their Game – So Is Product Satisfaction

Luckup is a home and pet product company. They are very responsive to customer service and satisfaction. They want you and your dog to be happy. They also back this product with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Deeper Dive:

1. Plenty of Room for “Turn-Arounds”

If you have a big dog that needs a heavy duty crate, then naturally space is an absolute must. The Luckup made sure to give large-sized enclosure dimensions to this cage; so dogs can get up, move, and turn around more freely while not getting cramped up in it.

The 3 different size options can accommodate for most medium to large-sized dogs. A crate maker that understands the importance of space; usually also understands that it’s very important for a dog to feel safe and calm in their crate. This is especially true for dogs with separation anxiety.


2. “In the Hatch You Go” – Not “Back In You Go”

Have you ever had to open the door of the kennel to change their bowl, and your dog thinks it’s time to come out? I think every dog owner knows this “doggie power-play”. It’s can be a bit of a hassle having to chase them back in.

Instead of having to wrangle your doggo back in the cage, you can just use the food door to change their bowl out instead. The inner-hatch is partitioned inside the main door entry, and has its own independent lock. It also comes in handy for giving treats and giving pets. The food hatch door is available for the 42 inch and the 46 inch crate options; unfortunately not the 38.


3. Latch, Lock, and Loop – The Unique Door Locking System

The Luckup crate’s lock setup is done by dropping latches in place and securing the door shut. This is a pretty good locking system. However some dogs are pretty clever and have a track record of figuring out how to get the locks open on cages.

Not to worry though, the kennel comes with backup rings that keep the latches from opening if your dog does manage to figure this one out. The rings keep the latch levers from lifting and making sure your “escape artist” won’t open the door.


4. Sets Up Quickly: Ready to Go In Minutes

The cage can be typically set up in about 5 to 10 minutes. It’ comes mostly pre-assembled and includes all the required hardware needed to put it together.

About the only thing you’ll have to do is lift the panels to secure them in place and attach the wheels to the frame. Aside from that, it’s pretty much ready to go right out of the box.

As far as breakdown goes, it collapses by the same process and makes it easily portable if you want to take your dog with you on the road or on vacation. It is still kind of heavy though; being a heavy duty crate and all.


5. Roller Dog Cage – Move It Room to Room Easily

The caster wheels move 360 degrees for full mobility and also lock in place to keep “fido” from rowing themselves across the room if they’ve figured out how to do so. Moving the crate from room to room becomes an easy task with the wheels. Allowing you to maneuver the weight of the kennel wherever you want to in the house and still save your floors (and your back).


6. Crate Go’s “Over the Top”

The Luckup, like alot of heavy-duty dog crates, has a top-load door to give you open access through the roof of the cage. This may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your dog. If they are a super-strong escape artist, they may figure out how to “Hercules” their way to opening the top-load door.

This is not the case in all instances, but it does happen with some people’s dogs. In that instance you may want to get a wire padlock or something to keep the top door shut by locking it to the side panel. 

Either that or getting a solid hard plastic dog crate with a strong door and lock may be the way to go for you if this a concern; as many heavy-duty models have opening rooftop doors. However, if escaping through the roof isn’t a big concern for your dog, the top-entry can be pretty useful access point.


7. Two Trays Are Better Than One

This model has a slide-out floor panel which is a little different than how most other models are set up. The slide out panel is split into two segments so you can just pull one tray out at a time, if only one side of the crate needs cleaning. It’s another way they planned ahead when designing the Luckup model.


What’s Included?

The Luckup crate comes in very basic packaging since it is already almost completely assembled out of the box. Here is what’s included in the package:


  • Coated stainless-steel cage frame
  • 4 caster locking wheels
  • Complete hardware kit for fast, easy assembly
  • Backup lock-rings for the door latches
  • Assembly instruction manual

What’s Not Included?

  • Something to make the floor more comfortable

It would be great if they would have come with some sort of floor padding. The one thing that stands out most as a downside to the design is the bar spacing on the floor of the crate. It is fairly large and may be a bit uncomfortable for some dogs.

Although kennels typically don’t include them, it’s a pretty cheap and easy fix to get them a kennel pad to make sure they are comfortable in it. Other than the floor spacing, the design of this crate was pretty well executed.


What Are They Saying?

One of the reasons the Luckup made our list of crates worth writing about, is the amount of satisfaction from people using this crate and the success they’re having, keeping their dogs contained safely. From doing some consumer research; here’s a good mix of what people like and didn’t like about it.

What’s So Great?

  • (+) Spacious – The space is very comfortable for a dog to stay in (in some cases, 2 dogs).
  • (+) Durable – Where other kennels failed to contain in the past; this one has worked out well for many people.
  • (+) Bar positioning – The bars are thick and spacing is ideal to keep most dogs from getting their mouths between them.
  • (+) Looks & use – It is not only very useful and tough; it also looks good inside the living room.

What’s Not So Great?

  • (-) Floor spacing – The spacing of the floor bars are kind of wide and could be uncomfortable; small dogs could also get hurt in it. Getting some padding for the floor is recommended, and keeping dogs with small paws out of it is necessary.
  • (-) Not for all dogs – Even some dogs somehow have the ability to chew through steel bars. In these cases; an even thicker 20 gauge framed crate would work better. Or maybe a solid plastic frame crate.
  • (-) Bars are hollow – The steel bars of the frame are hollow on the inside for weight purposes. This is only a problem if your dog is able to chew through steel. There are thicker and stronger crates on the market if one is necessary.


Final Breakdown

Who’s it For?

This spacious model was designed for medium to larger sized dogs. It’s ideal for dogs around 40 to 90 pounds on average. There is plenty of space for them. The sturdiness of the Luckup makes it a good choice for those who need that extra reinforcement that a regular wire-frame kennel won’t get them.

If the convenience factor is one of your “musts”, this model was well planned out. The food-hatch keeps your dog contained when changing their bowl. Also, the split-bottom trays and the mobility you have to move it around by the caster wheels makes the Luckup very “user-friendly”.

Because the lock rings keep the door latches secure, it’s difficult for “Houdini” dogs clever enough to pick locks to escape. The more steps there are with the lock, the more secure it is. The added backup of the rings give it that one extra step.


Who’s it Not For?

Now if you have a super strong dog that has the ability to push the door until the lock itself busts off of the frame, or they have an “iron-jaw” and have chewed through thick metal in the past; then that’s a bit of a different story.

You may have to find a super heavy-duty cage, where the bars are solid through and through. There are thicker and more solid models out there, like the Guardian Gear Pro Select, or the Parpet Empire dog crates. They are made from 20 gauge steel as opposed to 10 gauge hollow bars that the Luckup has. Note, they are also heavier and require more investment.

The Luckup crate is very durable; but not completely indestructible. It’s Ideal use is for medium to large-size dogs that don’t have the ability to push or chew through solid metal and are fairly calm while crated.

In most cases, big dogs with separation anxiety, storm anxiety, and “iron jaws” have not been able to break out. There have been a few instances reported of this occurring though. Again, if that is your concern, you may need to invest in a heavier-duty crate.

This crate is not ideal for small dogs. While it would be close to impossible for them to break out, and the large space of the kennel would be tons of room for them; it’s not really safe or necessary.

The main concern for smaller dogs is the bar spacing on the floor is too big for their small paws. This could be a dangerous risk of them hurting their legs.

For this reason, we STRONGLY recommend getting a different crate with smaller floor-spacing for small dogs. Usually a basic wire crate with a solid floor surface will do just fine for small dogs.


Final Thoughts:

All-in-all, the Luckup crate is fantastic for medium and large dogs with a ton of space for them to feel comfortable in. The extra convenience of the added features makes caring for your dog much easier on you. You know your dog better than anybody; the most important thing is that your dog is happy and safe in the crate you choose for them. And that you are happy with it too. Cash Back

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