25 Best Healthy Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

These 25 dog-approved human foods are both safe and nutritious to feed your pup without worry. They’re also pretty delicious treats to spoil them with.

What Human Foods Are Good for Your Dog to Eat?


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We know all too well that look we get from our dog, right? You know.., when they’re all “starry-eyed” & staring you down with their nose in your armpit. Trying to get you to slip them some food under the table. As they use the“Jedi mind trick” on you for some more. They’re awfully good at what they do, aren’t they?

Everybody loves to spoil their pup, but it’s important to know what human foods are good for your dog, and what ones are good and safe for them. Here’s a list of 25 people foods that are safe and healthy for your dog to eat.


Dog Snacks & Treats:

1.Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is a snack that most dogs love. It’s packed full of protein and healthy fats that are good for their heart. It’s is also a good source of Vitamins B & E, and good for their coats.

The best kind of peanut butter to give to your dog is a raw unsalted peanut butter with no sugar or sweeteners added

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*IMPORTANT: Before giving your dog any peanut butter be absolutely sure you DO NOT use sugar-free or “light” peanut butter. These peanut butters contain artificial sweeteners that are extremely dangerous for dogs. AVOID ALL ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. . Even small amounts can be fatal to dogs if ingested. ESPECIALLY AVOID XYLITOL. Xylitol is very deadly for dogs, even in small doses.




Popcorn is another tasty fiber-enriched human snack that is fully doggy approved. Popcorn contains zinc, which they need just as well as humans.

So, serve up a bowl of some plain popcorn (salt, and butter-free), and you two can share it while watching a movie.


Meat & Protein for Dogs:



Boneless skinless chicken is a hearty lean meat for your dog, and can be added into their dog food and/or with rice. Chicken can be used as a good meal for your dog in and of itself as well.

Boiled plain chicken is very good for your dog’s digestive system. You can give them chicken and rice with an upset stomach to start helping them if they are having an upset stomach.




Adding eggs to your dog’s diet provides a good number of benefits. First off, they are rich in protein and help promote a shiny coat.

They can help ease an upset stomach in your dog as well. Give them a whole cooked egg, you can scramble them and mix them in with their food bowl.

If they really go crazy for eggs they can be served by themselves, in moderation.




Turkey is another great lean-poultry and excellent source of protein for “Fido”. You can prepare it just like the chicken, plain and not seasoned. It’s best to trim the fat from the turkey before serving it to your dog to help prevent pancreatic issues down the road.




Plain cooked pork is okay for your dog to eat, but in ration. Pork products contain higher fat than poultry, and can make it more difficult for your dog to digest.

Other pork products like ham and bacon have quite a bit of salt and are processed. It’s best to avoid giving your dog processed foods that contain a lot of salt.

For good measure, sticking primarily to lean-poultry meats and some fish is a better way to go. But a little bit of fresh cooked pork every so often is okay.


7.Salmon & Fish


Salmon is a great people food for your dog too. Serving them up a tasty dose of lean-protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmon can help boost a dog’s immune system and is very good for their skin. Prepare the salmon unseasoned, and fully cooked to remove the chance of picking up parasites that can be found in sea foods.




Liver is a very nutritious meat that some dogs really like. It’s a good source of vitamins A, B, and K. Plus, It’s also very rich in iron.

Too much liver can be toxic for dogs though, because of it’s high Vitamin A content.

Please make sure to limit your dog’s consumption of liver to no more than one gram of fresh liver per Kg of their body weight per day you’re going to give it to them.


Dairy for Dogs:



Dairy products like milk and cheese are great source of calcium and protein for them. They are very good your dog to have in small amounts if they are not lactose intolerant.

Eating too much cheese or dairy can mess with your dog’s digestive system though, so be mindful. According to Medical News Today, dogs have low levels of a digestive enzyme called lactase.

This enzyme is needed to break down the sugars that are in milk and other dairy products. So go ahead and spoil your pup with some cheese as a treat, but be sparing about it.




Yogurt is another treat they just seem to love. The best yogurt for dogs would be one that has a live-active bacteria in it, which acts a good probiotic.

It’s also good to choose a yogurt that’s fat-free, but does not have any fat substitutes. Most importantly, DO NOT give them yogurt with any artificial sweeteners, as they are toxic to dogs.


11.Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is also a great doggy dairy selection. It’s light an easy for them to digest. Start with small amounts in case your dog might be lactose intolerant.


Fruits & Veggies for Dogs:



This is another one goes well with the chicken and rice. Of course, you can just feed them carrots by themselves as a snack if they like it that way better.

Carrots have a high fiber content. The crunchy vegetable is great at keeping their teeth clean too, by removing the plaque from them

Carrots a good source of vitamin A for your dog, which is good for their immune system and they help keep their fur shiny.




Turns out pumpkins aren’t just good for carving. You can feed your dog pumpkins with nothing added to it; either canned or fresh.

Pumpkins have a good fiber content and are a good choice for dogs with stomach sensitivity or with an upset GI tract.


14.Green Beans


Giving your dog green beans is a high fiber, low-calorie way to nourish them with vitamin K, C, and iron. Serve them up cold or hot; but plain, without any salt or seasoning.

Be sure to serve their green beans chopped to avoid any choking hazard & your pup can eat them nice and safely.


15.Sweet Potatoes


High in fiber and B vitamins, potatoes also are a good source of manganese and beta carotene. It’s a flavorful addition to your doggie’s dish that’ll have them asking for more.


16.Apple Slices


Apples are a sweet crunchy way for your dog to indulge in a vitamin-rich snack. Slice the apple to remove the seeds. Apple seeds contain traces of cyanide in them, and we don’t want our furry loved ones having that.

Aside from that though, apples are extremely healthy for dogs. As an added benefit, apples will also help clean your dog’s teeth.




You’ve probably heard how great blueberries are for you. Well, turns out your dog can enjoy them too. They get to benefit from the antioxidants and nutrients the same way people do. And many dogs think they’re delicious, go figure..




Dogs can benefit from bananas if they eat them sparingly. Bananas promote good bone-health both in people and dogs. Yet, another sweet treat your dog can go ahead and indulge in.




A good rule of thumb for people is that green foods are really good for you because they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. Your dog can have same benefit from cucumbers.

They are good for your doggy if you have them on a low-calorie diet. Cucumbers contain a good amount of water. It’s a good healthy snack they can definitely crunch on; and you know how dogs like to chomp on things.




If you’ve ever fed your dog watermelon, you’ve probably noticed just what a hit it is with them! Most dogs make quick way with a watermelon wedge in their face.

A piece of tasty watermelon will help keep them cool and hydrated in the summer. And I’m sure they won’t mind at all when you feed them a slice.

It’s best to feed your dog seedless watermelon so you do not have de seed it yourself. Let them eat the fruit part but avoid letting them have the rind. The rind is liable to upset their stomach.




Squash is another good food that can be added into the doggie-bowl to help regulate good digestive health. Slice it up, remove the seeds, and serve your puppy up.


22.Green Peas


Lastly, but certainly not least green peas are another one you can mix in with your dog’s food bowl. It complements really well with the chicken and rice mix, and is a good source of potassium. Peas are also rich in B vitamins.


Grain for Dogs:



Oatmeal is very high in fiber, and very good for your dog, as well as people. It will help keep them regular.

Cook them only plain oatmeal with no sugar, flavoring or sweeteners added.  If you want to spoil them a bit, you can always add some of those delicious sliced apples in with it and sweeten things up a bit.

Oatmeal is a highly beneficial additive to their food, especially for senior dogs.




Giving your dog rice works good if they have an upset stomach. It’s light and plain, so they will digest it pretty easily, and help clear their GI tract.

You can serve them brown or white rice mixed in with their food bowl. Adding some chicken and veggies into the mix will both help with their digestion, and add some flavor & excitement to their dinner.


25.Flax Seed


As an alternative to salmon, flax seed is another good source for your dog to get their share of Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also a good opportunity to get a fiber intake.

Flax seed can also be ingested in oil form, which is typically a more efficient way to benefit from it’s nutritional value with it being more highly concentrated.

In either form, it’s important to keep the flax refrigerated and in an air-tight container while storing it. Flax seed is very, VERY good for you and our four-legged friends.

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