Outdoor Dog Activities

11 Adventurous Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

Dogs can be like humans in many ways. One of the things they do like people is they can fall into a rut and get bored just like us.

Dog on Couch

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The good news is, just a break in their daily routine can stimulate their brain and breathe new life into them.


So this brings the question of “what should I do to get my dog off the couch”? There are a wide variety of activities you and your dog can do together. Here’s 11 ideas to start with…

11 Outdoor Adventures for You and Your Dog


Dog Agility

1. Dog Agility Courses

Agility obstacle courses are a great way for you and your dog to get out and have a good time. Dog agility courses can be found nearby most areas. Courses offer both recreational and competitive options.

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Either way you choose; agility courses are a perfect playground for your pup to gain focus and build self-confidence, while putting their excess energy to good use. Your dog will be very pleased with you…


Night Camping

2. “Ruffing” It

Dogs, just like people, love some variety in their life. Most dogs enjoy being outdoors, so why not take a mini vacation or day trip with them. Some outdoor activities you can do with your dog can include backpacking, hiking trails, or maybe you’d love to take them on a camping trip with you.

Just use caution and be sure not to put your dog in any danger. Some important things to consider before “Ruffing it” are…

  • In good shape – It’s vitally important to make sure your dog is physically fit to safely take them on an outdoor trip. This may take some time. It’s a good idea to start with regular walking and build up to your future adventure.
  • Duration – Depending on how much you and your dog like being outdoors is something you want to consider before planning a trip. Plan an outing that best suits that need.
  • Plan and prepare – Be sure to pack the essentials. Pack lightly for the shorter and more active trips (snacks, water, etc;). Also bring some first aid and make sure you have your cell phone charged.
  • Do some research – Before venturing out, check to make sure the place you’re taking your dog allows them on the property. Some trails and park properties may require a permit to bring your dog along. Getting a map of the property can also help you plan for rest stops.

Planning these things ahead of time will make your doggie-outing all the more enjoyable!


Dog Road Trip

3. Doggie Road Trip

Does your dog love a good ride? If you’ve ever jumped in a car on a whim and gone on a little road trip, you know how much fun it can be. Your dog might think so too.

Car rides are a great time for bonding with your friends, why not try it with your four-legged best friend? Pack some treats for the both of you, and let the wind fly in your hair (or fur).

You can also incorporate the road trip into a bit of a shopping trip to the pet store. Take your dog for some ice cream afterwards as a special treat, go for dinner and dine outdoors; you name it!

Go ahead, make a day out of it. You both owe it to yourselves to let loose and spoil yourselves once in a while.


Dog Vacation Walk

4. Vacation With Your Dog

Have you ever thought of bringing ole’ fido along with you on your next vacation?

Or maybe just planning one out of the sheer excitement of the thought of bringing your dog with. Cause, why not bring your dog with you, right?… 

There are many pet-friendly hotels, lodges, and B & B’s these days that are “four-paws” welcome. If you need some help finding such accommodations, visit DogFriendly to see some lodging options. Chances are, there is somewhere in your desired vacation spot that welcomes dogs.


Dog Photo Shoot

5. Doggie Photo Shoot

This goes hand in hand with any adventure you have with your dog. While creating these fun memories with your best friend, don’t forget to capture some great pics on your phone to remember it by.

Just going to the park and taking selfies of the two of you while goofing around & having fun is a great time too. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can find a photo booth somewhere and take some silly pics.



6. Boats and Dogs

Ever rent a boat? You and your dog can spend a day on the water and get your sea legs (provided your dog likes water, and the motion).

There are many pet friendly boat rentals and charters out there that will allow you to bring a dog on board. Just remember that safety is number one. So set your sails and wag your tails (if you have one)!


Beach Dog

7. Dog Day at the Beach

Summer rolls around and opens up a plethora of amazing activities! Most beaches allow you to bring your dog along with for the fun in the sun. So pack some sunscreen and a frisbee with you; and head for a beach outing.

Plenty water, plenty sand, and lots of fun! Don’t forget to bring a cooler and fill it with water, drinks, and snacks for you and your pup.


Microbrew Craft Beers

8. Brews with Your Dog

Believe it or not, there are actually a growing number of dog-friendly breweries and wineries out there… What a great way to take something that’s already awesome, and add dogs to it to make it even better! Just make a call-ahead to the brewery of your choice to make sure they allow dogs there.


Farmers Market

9. Dogs and Farmers Markets

What a way to spend  a lazy Sunday; browsing around farmers markets with your dog. Whether you’re shopping or just sniffing around, this can be a great way to relax and enjoy the weekend and the environment around you.

It’s a good way to get some fresh air. This can also be a good opportunity for you and your dog to socialize. Outdoor flea markets and other events work just as well, whatever your fancy.


Group Dog Walking

10. Dog Walks with Groups

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a nice simple dog walk, just the two of you. You can still mix it up a bit with dog walks too.

Got any some fellow dog owner friends? There’s no reason you can’t make a date out of it and walk your dog with your friends. Make sure the social dynamics work between your dog and theirs. Group walks turn a simple stroll into a mini-adventure and even a lot of laughs.


Dog Walk Around Town

11. Dog About Town

Many cities have a multitude of sights, sounds, smells, and events going on all around. A day in the city or local downtown area can be an exciting experience for you and your dog to explore together.

You may even find some new hidden-gem area in your city that captures your attention. Weather it’s big city, small town, or anywhere in between; exploring new territory is awfully exciting! You might even stumble into a concert or public event by surprise.


Dog Adventure

Try Your Own Adventure

Hopefully these get your juices flowing. You can start brainstorming ideas of your own too. If some of them sound like fun, why not give them a try? If not, the list go’s on from there.

Maybe you have some interests of your own that you like to take your dog along for. Just getting your pup out and keeping them active is important to a dog’s physical and mental well-being; just like people. So here’s to you and your dog’s next big adventure!

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