About Us

About Us

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives! Why wouldn’t we want to do the same thing for them? Dogs are an integral part of our family.

Maybe even the glue that holds families together for some. For the time they are in our lives; they should be treated extra special. They deserve the very best!

Owning a dog is very fulfilling, and as you know, it also takes work (it’s a labor of love really). You want to be a great dog owner because you care; and having a caring heart is the common thread that makes us want to be good to them.

Once you bring home your first dog, you immediately feel a love for them, and start thinking of ways that they can be pampered. They’re like our kids!

For me, it all started with Riley.

Riley belonged to a good friend of mine. She was an American Staff Pitbull/Boxer mix whom he loved dearly. Riley was a real sweetheart. She loved being a part of the group when people came over to his house. She would always greet you with an enthusiastic body-wag (wagging her whole body in excitement to see you). Riley was all too easy to fall in love with.

Unfortunately, my friend lost his home, and was forced into a situation where he had to give her up. Without skipping a beat I took Riley in as a foster until we could find her the kind of forever home she deserved.

From the day I took Riley in, I fell in love with her too. I got to see just how kind hearted and sweet she was. Very much the opposite of what many people make pitties out to be. These dogs are very misunderstood. She was just a big old baby, and a bed hog!

That was the point where I went from being a “dog-liker” to a “dog-lover”. From that point on, dogs had a special place in my heart.

I’ve had family dogs growing up; but once you experience your first time having your own dog, you feel a deeper sense of caring, and also a feeling of responsibility toward them.

I really wish I could have kept Riley, but because of my living situation at the time; I was only able to have her temporarily.

Dogs have a special place in all of our hearts and in our lives.

It’s that love for dogs that led me on my journey to want to know more about being a great dog owner. I wanted to know how to better care for them. How to show them love and compassion. How to understand them and how to give them the best life!

I have spent my time researching how to do so; and wanted to share information with other people out of a sense of contribution to the dog owner community. Because one thing any good owner wants, is to give their pooch the very best life they can too. And find solutions to the challenges of dog ownership as well.

Because let’s face it; having a dog is very rewarding in and of itself, but it can also bring challenges. As great as our furry pups are, they’re not perfect; and neither are we. That’s why education on dog ownership is very important. Another great benefit to education is all of the people you meet who share a common ground with you.

In my journey, I’ve spent time connecting with other dog owners to share experiences and to find out what we have in common. Common behaviors, what common challenges everybody has, and what solutions they’ve found.

You come to learn that most people go through the same challenges. And of course without surprise, they also experience the same joy. I’ve found the heart of it all that’s behind being a dog owner. It’s the common thread that we all share as a community.

This site is about you; well… you and your dogs. It’s driven by a passion, and created with the people who share that same passion in mind. You are the greatest kind of people. And we want you to enjoy a great relationship with your dogs. So let’s make those doggie-years something special for them!


Our Mission:  

The mission with this site is to bring you a highly enjoyable, entertaining, and informative take on dog ownership. To take the already great relationships you have with your dogs, and even further enhance them.

And the big long-term picture, is a desire to make a big impact for the sake of the dogs. (They say dream big, right?!)… To largely influence the opinions and mindset of people as a majority; on the importance of animal treatment.

Dog lovers like you and I already feel this way. Our aim is for it to be a common value of human decency. So that maybe one day, the shelters will be empty and stay that way, and animal cruelty is a thing of the past.

It is also our belief, that the mistreatment of animals should be taken much more seriously, and should also come with much more severe legal consequences as a result; to reduce and eliminate said mistreatment.

We hope to somehow one day have a hand in doing so (again… dream big). Perhaps one day many of us can all band together as a community and make something great happen!

Dogs have some of the warmest and purest hearts in existence. They are practically unmatched.

They have some of the greatest demeanor of all creatures, including our own.  Dogs are loving and loyal to no end. It is our wish at Positively Paws, to show this virtue to man-kind; so that the majority would recognize this, and treat them with the same love and kindness.